Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update/weight gain/ultrasound!

25 weeks!

Phewf it's been a busy month. After the Sun Run I signed up for another 10k race for May 30th. It was a really good run, and I had a pretty decent time too. 1:05:10, so better than my most recent races. I get so thirsty for water when I'm running, that it becomes a bit of a hassle at the water stations trying to quench my thirst! I *might* invest in a water belt, but those seem so lame, especially just for a 10k....not sure what to do yet! Ideas?

I had my 3D ultrasound mid-May. The baby was still so small, less than a few pounds, but we got a few good shots. My favourite is this profile picture. It's hanging on the fridge right now, and every time I see it I am in disbelief that there is actually a little fully formed baby in me! Man I LOVE being pregnant! I can't imagine this being my last, although Randy thinks differently! I get another 3D u/s on June 19th, so we get one more little peak at the baby until September. We're still deciding on baby names, I always forget how hard it is to agree on a couple. I still have 3 months left, so hopefully it will come to us.

My weight gain is at a total of 16 lbs! And it's all in my butt and hips. Oh and some to my boobs as well. I haven't bit the bullet and bought maternity clothes yet. But I am getting really close to needing some. My jeans need to be unbuttoned with a rubber band holding them together, and my shirts are slowly getting shorter and shorter. Hopefully I can get by with a few pairs of stretchy shorts and tank tops....if the sun ever returns!

I am still keeping up with my running, although it's now Wednesday and I haven't ran since the 10k on Sunday.... Life has just been busy! Our house is for sale and do you know how hard it is to keep it spotless with two toddlers running around and being 6 months pregnant!