Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nothing to wear!

I went to a wedding 3 weeks ago and bought a new dress for it. It was so tight, it was practically painted on. I had to wear spanx under it in hopes of smoothing out a little bit. Well I tried the dress on today, and it's too big. Not a little big like I could still wear it, it's WAY too big. It looks like I'm wearing a potatoe sack. I was planning on wearing the dress for Gaby's dedication, but obviously I can't now! One day I will get it taken in, but not yet! So now I get to go shopping for a new dress. Also, all my pants are too big. I'm not really into shopping for clothes, but I'm hoping that I will enjoy it a bit more now that I'm losing a bunch of weight. So my plan is to buy a new dress and some pants that aren't all saggy and make my crotch look like it hangs down to my knees.

This morning I weighed myself, (like I do 100x a day) and the scale read 200.00 lbs!! It was soo exciting to see! Honestly I haven't weighed this much in such a long long time. It isn't my official weigh in, so I can't track it down yet, but I'm hoping when I go to weight in next week it's even lower!! I can't imagine being in the 100's. That will be amazing for me.

This evening some friends came over, and we had a great time! I had a very yummy hamburger and lots of veggies! I even made cookies and was able to resist having any! Yay, so proud of myself for that, and thankfully my friends ate them all so I don't have to have the temptation now. We had such a delicious dessert as well! Thank you Frances! I am glad I was able to socialize with my friends without eating too much junk food! Great time had by me!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Sync with Biggest Loser!

Last night was week two for the Biggest Loser contestants, and this morning I had my week two weigh in! I have been doing pretty well this week. We went out for our anniversary but other than that, I've been really good! My work outs are getting harder, and the eating part is getting easier! So while watching Biggest Loser last night I was thinking week two is a crappy week and I probably won't lose any weight. I was just hoping not to gain! I lost 1.6 lbs, not a tonne, but it's still down. I am just going to keep plugging along and keep doing what I'm doing, and slowly but surely this weight will come off! I didn't get under 200lbs, but soon I will!

I LOVE how much energy I have had lately! It's so fun playing with Reegan on the playground and running around with him. I feel so much more energized and simply excitable about life! I am also going to sign up for a 5km run that's at the end of October. It's just down the road from my house, and Randy will do it with me! I hope I can run the whole thing!

This post is already all over the place, so why stop here.....I made such a yummy snack yesterday! I cute a tortilla shell into little triangles, and baked them in the oven on a baking sheet for about 10 minutes, until they were crunchy. They were really good, and I ate them with a pretty low calorie snack! I am going to do it again today! And I am going to make my own hummus today, yum yum!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's too HARD!!

Obviously it's hard! If it was easy there wouldn't be so many obese people in the world! I just wish it didn't have to be so hard for ME! Randy has been supportive, he will watch the kids while I jump on the treadmill. (not literally jump on it, but ya know...) And he really encourages me every step of the way. The good thing is that I am starting to enjoy exercising! I used to be a runner back in High School, and I'm so glad I'm getting back into it. I can't wait to sign up for my first race. One of the many things that sucks about weight loss, is how long it takes! I want results NOW! I hate that 2 or 3 lbs a week is considered good. Why can't I lose 20 or 30 lbs a week? That's one character flaw I can admit to! I do not have patience! So how about I stop my belly aching and write some things that are positive in my life right now!

I LOVE that I can already tell my exercising is paying off! I don't get winded anymore when we go for our nightly walks after dinner. I LOVE that I have been eating so many vegetables lately. I LOVE that I get excited to shop for new clothes now! Lastly, I LOVE that I am finally thinking of myself and feeling less LAZY!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why, oh why...

did I have to do it! We went to Red Robin last night for dinner. I wanted to pick something healthy off the menu, but what did I get? A big fat burger with fries! In my defense I didn't get cheese on it like I usually do. Not that it really made much of a differance! It really wasn't worth it honestly! And as soon as I finished eating it I knew I made a mistake! So usually when I get to this point in a diet I give up. It's happened so many times. I just tell myself that I've already screwed up, so why keep trying. Not this time. This morning I worked out extra hard! I was sweating something fierce. I really hope my screw up doesn't mess up my weigh in too bad next week. I guess it's time to move on, and just focus on the future!

On the upside of last night, Randy bought me a new jacket. I saw it at the store a week or so again and really wanted it! So I convinced him it would make a good anniversary present. After dinner we went to the mall and got it! It is pretty tight, but in a couple weeks it will be perfect!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and weekends are always hard for me to stick to my diet! Randy is home, and our routine is all out of whack. So wish me luck! I started doing pilates again as well. I tried doing it a few years ago, with results, so hopefully it will do the trick again this time! I can really feel it in my abs today, so that must mean it's working!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buh bye 5 lbs!

I went to the gym yesterday to get weighed in, and I lost five pounds! I am very excited about it too! In 6 days, that's almost a pound a day! I know next week most likely won't be such a big loss, but that's ok! Any loss is awesome in my books. I am hoping that I am under 200 next week. That will require a 4 pound loss. I have been doing really well with my diet, and even better with my exercise. It's still really hard for me to not eat bad food. Randy has been a great support to me, and I am so thankful for that. Last night he even said my butt is getting smaller ;) I don't know if it really is or if he is just saying that to be nice, but it doesn't matter! Too bad I didn't start this challenge that I'm in before I lost 30 pounds, oh well! I can still win this one! I love being excited about buying clothes! It's our 4 year anniversary tomorrow, and I asked for a jacket. I don't know if I've ever asked for clothing as a gift before! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to cheat on my diet tomorrow. We don't have a babysitter available to us tomorrow night, so we can't do anything too exciting, but I would like to not have to cook dinner. I am craving a burger from White Spot sooo bad! With Triple O sauce. would be soo good, but would it be worth it?? Talk me off the ledge, please!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So it wasn't too bad of an oops, but still, it wasn't great. We went to Randy's parents house today for dinner for the FILs birthday. I knew it would be hard to stick to my diet, but I didn't know just how hard. I only took a teeny tiny bit of mashed potatoes, and Gaby ate most of them, so that wasn't too bad. My whole plate was veggies, but when they are dripping in butter, it kind of defeats the purpose of eating veggies. And then I had a piece of cheese cake after dinner. My MILS cheese cake is seriously one of my favourite desserts ever! So when I had just a small piece and gave as much as I could to Reegan, I was proud! So like I said, it wasn't horrible, but I definitely could have been better. And to top it all off, I didn't exercise today! But that was planned all along. 6 days a week, with the off day being Sundays. I weigh in on Tuesday, so lets hope it's a good weigh in for me!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hide the scale!

So I'm happy to say that I have been sticking to my diet, very well. I got on the treadmill again today, it was soo hard doing it, but I'm glad now that I'm done. I have a real problem with weighing myself. I swear, sometimes I weigh myself 10 times in one day! I wish I could just go to the weekly weigh-ins at the gym and that's it! The good news is that I know I have already lost weight! I am doing my grocery shopping today, I am excited to go buy lots of yummy healthy foods! Anyways, that's all I have to report for today.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I started excersising today. I am doing a learn to run 10k program. It went pretty well, it was hard running, but I got through it. I took a few pictures of myself just before I went to work out. They aren't the prettiest pics, but they'll do.

So far the hardest part of this 'lifestyle change' is the not eating after dinner. We (Randy and I) used to always have a snack together after the kids went to bed. Whether it was popcorn, icecream or nachos. In the winter months we had a cup of hot chocolate every single night. So now that all has to stop and it's been HARD!!!!

I recently got into crafting. It's been so much fun, plus it keeps my hands busy. I really enjoy making little things for my little Gaby! I even started a little group on facebook to try and sell some stuff. Hopefully help pay for my habit. So here's Gaby with her new paci clip.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day One

Day one of the 12 week challenge is officially over! Well I guess technically it isn't over, but I have brushed my teeth and avoided all temptations that I've had today, so in the sense that I won't be eating anymore, it's over. I went to get signed up for the challenge and I was weighed and measured. My weight was 209 lbs. I don't have my measurements, but I'm sure they were really high. My first goal is to be under 200 lbs. That will be such an exciting day for me, because I haven't been in the 100's in a looong time! Tomorrow I am going to start exercising. I have a learn to run program that I did a few years ago, so that's the plan. Start running.....slowly. I'm feeling pretty good about my first day!


I titled my blog 'Monday starts today' because today is a Wednesday and I am starting yet another diet today. In the past I always said I would start on Monday. Well not this time! This diet is going to be differant. I am doing a 12 week challenge at a local gym. Whoever loses the most weight after 12 weeks wins $500. I know I am going to win, and I will use the $500 to buy a new wardrobe. I am going to get weighed and measured this afternoon and will update tonight with those stats, as hard as it is going to be, I will share my weight with everyone.

I haven't always been fat. But as I got older the weight kept creeping on. Then I got pregnant a couple times, and now here I am. I have already lost a bit of weight leading up to this 'new Laura' but not near enough. I weigh 18 lbs less than I did when I got pregnant. So wish me luck, because my diet starts NOW!