Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 3 results.

Tonight marked week 3 for me and the girls. I lost another 3.6lbs! I was pretty happy with that, bringing my total to 7.2lbs in two weeks! I am trying so hard everyday and I'm so happy that it's paying off! I'm still eating really well, and working out everyday, sometimes twice a day. I registered for a bootcamp that will start on Monday. I went to a drop in class last week to try it out, and let me tell you, it was HARD!!! I loved the challenge and it was a fun environment with all women and a great instructor. And she will weigh and measure me on the first day and again at the last class. Pretty cool! It's 3x a week, which is a bit much, but hopefully Randy and I can make it work, I will be home in time for bedtime for the kids, so thats good!

So that's my progress for the week! Pretty exciting about how it's all going. I have two birthday parties and a wedding this weekend and hoping to use a lot of restrain at all three events! Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 2, here I come!

Today the girls and I met for our second weigh in. Last week I weighed in at 186.6 lbs, and today, I was 183 lbs. Down 3.6 lbs. Not too bad! We meet at night and weigh in with our clothes on, so a bit different number than I get at home. This past week I have been really good with my food. Only one bad night when we went out for dinner for our anniversary. Even then, I substituted my fries for a salad and gave Randy half my burger. It's really hard to make 3 meals a day for the kiddos/hubby and then 3 separate meals for myself. And on top of it all, avoiding the yummy quasadillas and pizza. Or the very cheesy home made baked macoroni they had tonight. But one day I'll get to the point where I can eat that food, just not tonnes of it. But for now, I'm avoiding it as much as possible.

One thing I've done perfectly is working out. I have done the Jillian micheals 30 day shred. Let me tell you, it is HARD!! I could walk or sit or bed after the first day! After doing it 8 days in a row I am almost ready for level 2! I did a couple double workouts too, which included running. I think I am doin well,and I'll continue doing what I'm doing and hope for another good loss next week ;)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Challenge Accepted!

Say that in a Barney Stinson kind of voice...

A couple of my girl friends are starting a little weightless challenge, and I am super excited! We start on Wednesday, so in two days. The plan is to meet once a week, weigh in, and then go for a little walk and chit chat about life! We are old time friends from school, and its also a good excuse to see each other. We have a $20 buy in, and then every week when we weigh in, you have to pay $1 for every pound you gain!! Obviously the goal is for that not to happen! We plan to continue this through to Christmas.

The two girls I'm competing with will be on a program called "isogenix" and I'll be doing the good ol'fashioned healthy eating and exercise! It makes me a little nervous, because I know isogenix works and you see quick results. I need to really work super hard to keep up to them, but how great would it be if I can take their money at the end!! ;)

So the question is: should I pig out and really enjoy junk food before Thursday? Have a 'last meal'? Or should I keep going the way I have been, and get super strict starting Wednesday?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Run run, eat eat.

If I could run all the time and eat whatever I wanted and lose weight.....well that would be awesome! Seriously, running is great, I really enjoy the time away from the kids ( I know that sounds horrible but I don't mean for it to be) and the awesome feelings of success afterwards. We went camping this past weekend again and the beach was a bit of a hike. Everyone we were with complained about it and majority of the people stayed behind, despite the 30+ degree weather. It was so nice to be able to go with my little family back and forth and have a great time. A few short years ago I wouldn't have been able to do it! We went for long walks with the kids and were very physical the whole time. We are an active family! I love being able to say that!!! So why am I not losing the weight?? Could it be because I love hot dogs, chips, quesadillas....etc...? Grrrr.... It's so frustrating to stay the same weight for soo long! Maybe once I'm done breastfeeding it will be easier, but I doubt that! Baby girl is one in 2 days!

Man that's a random post!! So basically I love to run, do it lots and same goes for yummy food!