Monday, September 12, 2011

Challenge Accepted!

Say that in a Barney Stinson kind of voice...

A couple of my girl friends are starting a little weightless challenge, and I am super excited! We start on Wednesday, so in two days. The plan is to meet once a week, weigh in, and then go for a little walk and chit chat about life! We are old time friends from school, and its also a good excuse to see each other. We have a $20 buy in, and then every week when we weigh in, you have to pay $1 for every pound you gain!! Obviously the goal is for that not to happen! We plan to continue this through to Christmas.

The two girls I'm competing with will be on a program called "isogenix" and I'll be doing the good ol'fashioned healthy eating and exercise! It makes me a little nervous, because I know isogenix works and you see quick results. I need to really work super hard to keep up to them, but how great would it be if I can take their money at the end!! ;)

So the question is: should I pig out and really enjoy junk food before Thursday? Have a 'last meal'? Or should I keep going the way I have been, and get super strict starting Wednesday?

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