Friday, October 30, 2009

Some pictures to end the week!

Here's my new haircut!

The first picture is from 7 weeks ago, when I started my running program, the second picture is is 6.5 weeks later. (25.5lbs lost)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 weeks down

I have been at this for 7 weeks and this week I lost over 6lbs! Very exciting! I also got my hair done, as a reward for losing 50lbs. It looks really cute, and it was kind of a splurge. Anyways, that's my mini update for this week! I hope I can get through halloween without eating too much candy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I survived!

Not only did I survive the 5k, but I rocked it! I had three goals going into it:

1. I didn't want to die!
2. I didn't want to walk
3. I wanted to finish under 40 minutes.

I was so nervous all day! I don't know why I was nervous, I just was. When the race started there was quite a few people so I had to navigate my way through them all. Just over halfway there was a massive hill that I wasn't expecting! But, I ran right up that darn hill! I did twist my ankle and fall, but I got right back up and kept on running. And then close to the finish my shoe came untied! Soo mad about that, because I always, always double knot my laces, and for some reason I didn't that day! Anyways... I finished the race just under 30 minutes! (like, literally just seconds under 30 minutes) I was very happy about that time! I was expecting to be around 34 or 35 minutes, so yay me! I had such a feeling of accomplishment when I was done, and I am still running on adrenaline! I am going to register for a 10k on November 22nd! My friend that also did the 5k kept commenting how it was "only" 5km, and was no big deal. I had to continually tell her that to me it was a big deal! 6 weeks ago I could run 1 minute, and now I'm running 30 consecutive minutes! I just want to mention how much I love my husband! He has been so amazing for me through all this. He ran the whole race with me, and pushed to stroller. At the end he ran really fast to get ahead of me, and quickly took a picture of my crossing the finish line! I upload it later! Yesterday he even brought me shopping in the states so I could buy a new bra! How many men go bra shopping, seriously! On that was so fun going bra shopping! My boobs have shrunk a lot. I am still nursing, so they will shrink even more when I am done! Normally that would be a bad thing, but in my case, it's awesome! I can almost buy bras from regular stores again! Like La Senza or Victories Secret!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weigh in day!

Nothing too exciting to post, just that this morning I weighed in, and I am down 2.2 lbs. Making 190lbs even! I am soo excited to weigh in next week and be in the 180's!! Eeeek, still seems so unbelievable to me!

Today I have the run for 72 minutes...well kind of. I warm-up and cool down for 5 minutes of walking, so that leaves 62 minutes of running...well not really. I run 10 mins, walk 1, run 20 mins, walk one, and then run 30 mins! So that's 60 minutes of running. I am super super excited to do it! This running program I am doing is so awesome! I can't believe that 6 short weeks ago I could barely run 1 full minute. I am no longer nervous for the 5k on Saturday! I think the running aspect of this whole 'journey' is my favourite! I used to love running when I was younger, and now I am loving it again! It's so nice to be able to call myself a runner! One day I want to be labeled as a marathon runner!

I am going to take a picture today, it seems like a good day for one. Even though I don't like my jeans anymore. They are getting soo sagged out, and that's not sexy ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nummy Num....

That's how I describe my dinner last night, and tonight dinner too! Stir Fry! It was soo good and easy peasy to make! I don't like any meat in it (shrimp, chicken...etc..) so it's just a veggie stir fry, but was it ever tasty! Basically you just chop up as many vegetables that you like, and saute them, stir in some low calorie stir fry sauce and serve over brown rice. I didn't blog this weekend because I was embarrassed! Randy went hunting for 4 days, so while he was gone I got Reegan and I Triple O's for dinner. That entailed a hamburger and onion rings for me! The first really bad thing I've had in 5 weeks. I had been craving it every single day since I started this diet, and I finally caved. When I used to get the exact same meal I would eat the whole thing with no problem, and could still eat more afterwards. This time, I could barely finish it! I was soo full! And guess what?!? It wasn't worth it. It wasn't nearly as good as I remembered, and I felt yucky afterwards. Not to mention the waste of money that it was! Seriously, for me and Reegan our bill was $13. I could have bought a cute new top for that price! What a disappointment! So, back to the stir fry. Not only is it cheap, it is very healthy and I felt great afterwards. I am making Randy baked mac and cheese for dinner (one of my favourites) so I better get to choppin' on my veggies and make my stir fry before the mac and cheese starts calling my name!

Oh, one more thing....the 5k race I signed up for is coming up! Like really really soon...Saturday to be exact. As in 5 days away! I'm freaking out. I don't know what I'm so worried about. I know it isn't going to kill me. I just really hope I can do the whole thing without walking. Eeeek!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting closer...

to being in the 180's! I had a loss of 1.8lbs this week. I know it could have been better, but a loss none the less. I'm just one step closer to my goal...speaking of which, I don't technically have a goal set yet. I keep thinking I'll know I'm there when I get there. I do have mini goals set though. My next one being 189lbs. The 5k race is coming up, and I'm excited and scared at the same time! I am doing it with my mom, and I have no idea where she is at with her running. I really hope I can keep up with her, and that she doesn't hate running slow with me! We're going running together tomorrow, so I can gauge how it will go. At the gym this morning the lady was nagging me again about joining them. Saying statiscally I can't make it on my own and if I want to see results I need to join a gym. (I only go there to get weighed in for this 12 week challenge, not an actual member) I just wanted to scream at her! Can't she see my results and know that I can make it, I am making it work!!! Why would I want to go to the gym and run on a treadmill with tons of other sweaty people around me when I can run on the open road while pushing my kids in the stroller giving them fresh air?? It just doesn't make sense to me. I understand the gym has weights and machines there I could utilize, but clearly I am making due with what I have! Don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with people that go to a gym, it just isn't for me at this time in my life!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turkey Days!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends! Technically tomorrow is thanksgiving, but that's ok! My mom and sister came over tonight for dinner. It was really good!

I forgot to update for my past weigh in, so I lost 1.4 lbs. Obviously not as great as last weeks, but I'll take it! Any loss is good in my books! Soon I'll be in the 180's, which just seems soo unbelievable to me! When I was 9 months and big and pregnant with Gaby I was 260lbs! So I never imagined I would be back down to this weight. It's been years and years!

I never imagined I would feel so awesome as well! I have so much more energy lately. My running is still so hard, and is constantly kicking my butt, but I am still enjoying it. The 5k I am registered for is in less than 2 weeks! We mapped out a 5k loop by our house, so that is what we've been running, and it isn't too far. Randy is going hunting on Thursday, and I am not looking forward to it! I am going to miss my running partner!

So wish me luck this week, and that I have another loss at our next weigh in!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Me, a runner?

The kids have both been napping for over 2 hours, so I'm sure they will wake up just as I start this post! My running training has been picking up, and last night I ran 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, 4 times. It was soo refreshing to run outside, awesome! It made the 10 minutes seem almost enjoyable! When I was younger I used to run a fair bit. Me and my mom even did the Sun Run (annual 10k run in mid April). I gave it up though over the years. I've always wanted to get back into it, and here I am, training for a 10k. Ultimately I want to run the sun run under an hour. But my first goal is to do the 5k. I really hope I can run the whole thing, with no walking. I don't have a definite time set, but close to 30 minutes would be nice. Randy and the kids will be doing my running with me tonight again. They got a little sick of sitting in the stroller after half an hour, but I'll just turn my ipod up really loud so I don't have to listen to them ;) Speaking of ipods....It may be mean to Randy for me to listen to music while he is running with me, but I'm so out of breath I can't talk to him anyway. I was skipping through songs on my shuffle when I got to some Christian music. At first I skipped through them because I wanted to listen to some upbeat, loud music while running. But I realized I really enjoyed the calming effects it had on me. So now I have a good mix of Hillsong and Toby Keith songs to enjoy ;)

On a less happy weight loss has slowed down! I'm thinking it might have something to do with losing 7 lbs last week, but also I haven't been as strict as I was the first few weeks. As of this morning I am only down 1lb so far. Hopefully I can get back on track, and stay on track!

The kids are still sleeping, but why push me luck!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New pants and a dedication!

Saturday Randy, Gaby and I went to Costco and Old Navy in the States. I bought a pair of jeans, and they are so comfy, they fit really well! Hopefully not for long though ;) They are a size 14, not too shabby for me :) Sunday we dedicated our sweet Gaby to the Lord, with all our family with us. It was a really nice day, and we are so blessed to have such great family. I wore a really cute dress that my friend had lent me.
It was beautiful weather, so after we enjoyed a very yummy brunch buffet we needed to try burn off some calories! So we put the kids in the stroller and went for a long walk.

Both kids fell asleep, so it was a very peaceful, almost romantic walk! It reminded me of when we would go for walks before we had kids. Awesome afternoon, that about sums it up! I can't lie though, I could have done better with my diet. We were at an all you can eat buffet, for brunch, I mean come on!! I definitely could have been a lot worse though. It took a ton of self control to not stuff my face! I ate a lot of fruits and veggies, and only a few potatoes, and one little waffle, no whipped cream :P

I am officially signed up for the 5k at the end of this month, October 24th. Today I have to run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, 4 times. Randy is going to do it with me, on the trail by our house. I usually do it on the treadmill, but our schedule got screwed up today, and it's also nice to run outdoors sometimes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On a roll

Today was weigh in day at the gym. I am proud to say I had another great loss. I lost 7lbs! Woo Hoo. That officially brings me under 200 lbs. I couldn't be more ecstatic! All my hard work is paying off! I got some new runners today, and I can't wait to use them tomorrow morning. I haven't missed a single day of excersising either. I am currently running 6 days a week, and it's been awesome. I seriously need to do some shopping. The pants I am wearing right now are soo big. If I jump up and down a few times they fall down to my ankles! And I'm wearing these pants around town. Hopefully this weekend I can get some pants to tide me over :) I have been feeling happy, energized and motivated these days, and I know I owe it all to my excersise and food control!