Monday, October 5, 2009

New pants and a dedication!

Saturday Randy, Gaby and I went to Costco and Old Navy in the States. I bought a pair of jeans, and they are so comfy, they fit really well! Hopefully not for long though ;) They are a size 14, not too shabby for me :) Sunday we dedicated our sweet Gaby to the Lord, with all our family with us. It was a really nice day, and we are so blessed to have such great family. I wore a really cute dress that my friend had lent me.
It was beautiful weather, so after we enjoyed a very yummy brunch buffet we needed to try burn off some calories! So we put the kids in the stroller and went for a long walk.

Both kids fell asleep, so it was a very peaceful, almost romantic walk! It reminded me of when we would go for walks before we had kids. Awesome afternoon, that about sums it up! I can't lie though, I could have done better with my diet. We were at an all you can eat buffet, for brunch, I mean come on!! I definitely could have been a lot worse though. It took a ton of self control to not stuff my face! I ate a lot of fruits and veggies, and only a few potatoes, and one little waffle, no whipped cream :P

I am officially signed up for the 5k at the end of this month, October 24th. Today I have to run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, 4 times. Randy is going to do it with me, on the trail by our house. I usually do it on the treadmill, but our schedule got screwed up today, and it's also nice to run outdoors sometimes.

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  1. 5k! Holy crap! You are braver than I!
    And aren't those moments without kid noises amazing? We've had it once or twice when we are just doing stuff around the house and it totally feels like we don't have a baby. Kinda cool... for the moment.
    And 13.5lbs! That is awesome! That is an entire Piper! Way to go:)