Friday, September 18, 2009

Why, oh why...

did I have to do it! We went to Red Robin last night for dinner. I wanted to pick something healthy off the menu, but what did I get? A big fat burger with fries! In my defense I didn't get cheese on it like I usually do. Not that it really made much of a differance! It really wasn't worth it honestly! And as soon as I finished eating it I knew I made a mistake! So usually when I get to this point in a diet I give up. It's happened so many times. I just tell myself that I've already screwed up, so why keep trying. Not this time. This morning I worked out extra hard! I was sweating something fierce. I really hope my screw up doesn't mess up my weigh in too bad next week. I guess it's time to move on, and just focus on the future!

On the upside of last night, Randy bought me a new jacket. I saw it at the store a week or so again and really wanted it! So I convinced him it would make a good anniversary present. After dinner we went to the mall and got it! It is pretty tight, but in a couple weeks it will be perfect!

Tomorrow is Saturday, and weekends are always hard for me to stick to my diet! Randy is home, and our routine is all out of whack. So wish me luck! I started doing pilates again as well. I tried doing it a few years ago, with results, so hopefully it will do the trick again this time! I can really feel it in my abs today, so that must mean it's working!

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  1. Eating out is so horrible, I now look online before going out, dcide what I am getting and don't even look at the menu. Otherwise i would do exactly what you did.

    But way to stay on track, things happen and good job on not giving up, this is not easy, and atttitude is 90% of the batttle I believe.