Thursday, September 10, 2009


I started excersising today. I am doing a learn to run 10k program. It went pretty well, it was hard running, but I got through it. I took a few pictures of myself just before I went to work out. They aren't the prettiest pics, but they'll do.

So far the hardest part of this 'lifestyle change' is the not eating after dinner. We (Randy and I) used to always have a snack together after the kids went to bed. Whether it was popcorn, icecream or nachos. In the winter months we had a cup of hot chocolate every single night. So now that all has to stop and it's been HARD!!!!

I recently got into crafting. It's been so much fun, plus it keeps my hands busy. I really enjoy making little things for my little Gaby! I even started a little group on facebook to try and sell some stuff. Hopefully help pay for my habit. So here's Gaby with her new paci clip.

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