Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buh bye 5 lbs!

I went to the gym yesterday to get weighed in, and I lost five pounds! I am very excited about it too! In 6 days, that's almost a pound a day! I know next week most likely won't be such a big loss, but that's ok! Any loss is awesome in my books. I am hoping that I am under 200 next week. That will require a 4 pound loss. I have been doing really well with my diet, and even better with my exercise. It's still really hard for me to not eat bad food. Randy has been a great support to me, and I am so thankful for that. Last night he even said my butt is getting smaller ;) I don't know if it really is or if he is just saying that to be nice, but it doesn't matter! Too bad I didn't start this challenge that I'm in before I lost 30 pounds, oh well! I can still win this one! I love being excited about buying clothes! It's our 4 year anniversary tomorrow, and I asked for a jacket. I don't know if I've ever asked for clothing as a gift before! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to cheat on my diet tomorrow. We don't have a babysitter available to us tomorrow night, so we can't do anything too exciting, but I would like to not have to cook dinner. I am craving a burger from White Spot sooo bad! With Triple O sauce. would be soo good, but would it be worth it?? Talk me off the ledge, please!!!


  1. Okay about the burger, if you REALLY want it go for it. But ask yourself if it is worth it! For me I am losing so much weight and liking that , but an anniversery is different. So maybe bargin, 30 extra minutes of excersize for the burger.

    Congrats on the anniversary! I wish I was on the west coast of the US, I am only 10 minutes from canada but the wrong side, I would baby sit for you.

  2. Thanks Katie! How cool would that have been if we lived close to eachother! I still haven't decided yet if I'm going to get the fast food, but I'll be sure to blog all about it ;)