Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I titled my blog 'Monday starts today' because today is a Wednesday and I am starting yet another diet today. In the past I always said I would start on Monday. Well not this time! This diet is going to be differant. I am doing a 12 week challenge at a local gym. Whoever loses the most weight after 12 weeks wins $500. I know I am going to win, and I will use the $500 to buy a new wardrobe. I am going to get weighed and measured this afternoon and will update tonight with those stats, as hard as it is going to be, I will share my weight with everyone.

I haven't always been fat. But as I got older the weight kept creeping on. Then I got pregnant a couple times, and now here I am. I have already lost a bit of weight leading up to this 'new Laura' but not near enough. I weigh 18 lbs less than I did when I got pregnant. So wish me luck, because my diet starts NOW!

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