Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nothing to wear!

I went to a wedding 3 weeks ago and bought a new dress for it. It was so tight, it was practically painted on. I had to wear spanx under it in hopes of smoothing out a little bit. Well I tried the dress on today, and it's too big. Not a little big like I could still wear it, it's WAY too big. It looks like I'm wearing a potatoe sack. I was planning on wearing the dress for Gaby's dedication, but obviously I can't now! One day I will get it taken in, but not yet! So now I get to go shopping for a new dress. Also, all my pants are too big. I'm not really into shopping for clothes, but I'm hoping that I will enjoy it a bit more now that I'm losing a bunch of weight. So my plan is to buy a new dress and some pants that aren't all saggy and make my crotch look like it hangs down to my knees.

This morning I weighed myself, (like I do 100x a day) and the scale read 200.00 lbs!! It was soo exciting to see! Honestly I haven't weighed this much in such a long long time. It isn't my official weigh in, so I can't track it down yet, but I'm hoping when I go to weight in next week it's even lower!! I can't imagine being in the 100's. That will be amazing for me.

This evening some friends came over, and we had a great time! I had a very yummy hamburger and lots of veggies! I even made cookies and was able to resist having any! Yay, so proud of myself for that, and thankfully my friends ate them all so I don't have to have the temptation now. We had such a delicious dessert as well! Thank you Frances! I am glad I was able to socialize with my friends without eating too much junk food! Great time had by me!

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  1. We had a great time too! And we were delighted to eat your cookies :) I've read somewhere, that when you are losing weight, as soon as you can't fit your clothes (they've gotten too big), toss them away. Like, don't pack them in the closet, actually throw them away. Apparently, its all the more motivation to keep the weight off. I'm not that brave, so maybe you are?