Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Update.

I'm a few days late with this, but I am halfway through my pregnancy!!! I had my first appt. with my ob/gyn yesterday and it went really well. We talked about my c-section and most importantly running! She confirmed what my family doctor said, which is that I can continue to run as long as I'm feeling good. So the Sun Run is a go! She also said I need to up my calorie intake, I've gained 5lbs at halfway, and she wants me to gain about 20lbs altogether. So I just had a big bowl of cheesies! That should add a few hundred extra calories ;) I'll convince Randy I need pizza for dinner to help in the gaining weight department too! (ya know I'm only kidding, and I know it's supposed to be healthy calories...)

Also, I got enough money for my stroller!! I picked it up last Sunday and first thing Monday morning took the kids for a long 5km walk! It was well worth the money!!

20 weeks pregnant! Usually I take the picture before I go run, this time I forgot so I'm all sweaty and tired looking! When I am in my street clothes you can't really tell I'm pregnant, but my jeans are starting to get uncomfortable and my shirts are getting a bit too short so I better go shopping soon!!

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  1. There is that baby! Popping out now :)

    Ummm... you should see me after my physical activity. I can hardly smile like that. Geesh! And I get so red in the face.

    Hope you get shopping soon! I hated trying on clothes while pregnant. I mean, past like 20+ weeks. Always tired me right out. Spoil yourself. Get something really trendy :)