Thursday, July 21, 2011

On a roll!

That's right! 2 workouts in one day. I did my Jillian michaels DVD this morning, and it really kicked my butt! At dinner time I ate too much and felt gross, so I texted my "neighbor" and asked if she wanted to go for a run, and she said yes!! It was a major pain in the butt, I had to shower twice today, and now I'm in bed with wet hair because I don't want to blow dry it and wake the kids, but it's worth it!! Other than larger portions at dinner I have been eating really well, and hopefully the scale will show that soon! Emily is turning one September 8th, and on the 11th she is being dedicated at church. So my goal is to be as close to 160lbs as possible by then. So 22.8 lbs in 50 days..... Fun fun. Hopefully my friend will want to keep running with me and I can shed this weight and be in great shape to go water skiing all day next month! Lastsummer I was pregnant and couldnt partake in my favourite sport ever! I LOVE any and all water sport! And the yet before I was huge.. And couldn't ski for more than 2 minutes. This summer I will rock it!

I was just so excited that after all this time I have a running partner, and couldn't wait to share the good newsi am super sore now, and must go to sleep! Big day of shopping tomorrow, need my rest, it's not easy with 3 little kids!

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