Friday, November 20, 2009

10k plus weigh in plus challenge

Last week I finished off my running program with a 10km run. The weather outside was nasty, so I ran on the treadmill. It took me 65 minutes to run the full 10 kms. Not too bad. Now I've started on a new program, run 10k faster. So I run 3 days a week, and do some home videos (Billy Blanks) 3 days a week. I workout 6 days a week, crazy! I've been a little laxed on my diet lately, and I and reaping what I've sowed now. I had a 1/2 pound gain this week. I was talking with a guy at the gym yesterday and he seems to think I am winning this 12 week challenge by a lot. The person in first place has 15 lbs of fat loss, and I have 35 lbs (in 10 weeks). He thinks he could be calculating it wrong, but looks like I might be coming into some money soon! He said I am doing exceptionally well, and that it's unheard of how well I'm doing! Hey, that's a compliment I'll take!

I am running another 5k this weekend, hopefully beat my time from last month.

I have been getting a lot of flak lately about not being a member of a gym (the gym this challenge is at especially) I am doing really well on my own, and I enjoy the workouts I am doing. I am a runner! I love to run. I don't get why that is such a big deal to these trainers. I am doing my strength training and I feel great. I just wish they didn't have to hassle me to join their gym and fork out the money! That's my little rant this week ;)

I am waiting for a phone call letting me know if I am winning the challenge for not, so I'll update when I hear something!

Thanks for reading and leaving such kind, encouraging comments!

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