Friday, November 6, 2009

Cookin' in a dress...

My mom brought over my grad dress yesterday so I could try it on, and to my amazement it fit! I was soo excited that I wore it all evening. I even cooked dinner (shephards pie) in it. And of course I took some pictures. I think it fit pretty good, still pretty tight, but it was tight when I wore it 4.5 years ago. My boobs are definitly bigger, but I am breastfeeding now, and obviously wasn't then!
Yesterday was also my weigh in day. I lost 2 pounds this past week, putting my weight at 181.6 lbs. Hopefully next week I'll be in the 170's. And this is uncharted territories for me. I have no memory of being in the 170's. And obviously at one point in time I was, but it was well over 5 years ago. So that will be an exciting time!

1 comment:

  1. You just continue to blow me away!!! And way to use that grad dress! I mean, when else do you get to wear it?
    You're looking awesome. I hope you are feeling even better.