Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can I have a re-do?

I am still here! I have been keeping up with my exersising and my eating has been pretty good, but could be better. So I was looking through my old photos for some inspiration, and I just wish I could go back in time, and have a re-do. I wish we could do our camping trip over again, I wish I could go to the lake with my sister's again, attend my mom's 50th again....all things that I have pictures of, which I hate looking at. I know I can't re-live those moments, but I can look forward to next summer and all future events that will be documented with film. I know I can't talk about pictures and not share them all with you. So for your viewing pleasure, from the beginning of summer, to now.

Comparing this last picture with the rest really puts things into perspective for me, and gives me motivation to keep going and not give up!

Tomorrow is weigh in day, and I'm hoping to be down again. I'm not expecting a big loss, just really hoping not to gain this week.


  1. Who is the girl in the last picture? Oh my flipping word???? That is you!!! I hope you feel as amazing as you look! Way to go. I can't say it enough. What a journey you've been on, and I am sure it wasn't easy, but look at the payoff!
    Laura, you've always been beautiful, in any shape, so don't look back at those pictures and think "ahhk", just take it all in stride and realize that this journey is what makes you, you. And you're amazing:)

  2. Wow! GOOD job mama! Keep up the great work!