Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm healed!

I finally dragged myself (and two kids) to the doctors office. I was diagnosed with Strep throat (which according to him is the same as tonsillitis..hmmm) so after taking some antibiotics, I am definitely feeling better! I actually ate 3 full meal today! So enough about that...

Wednesday I was weighed in, and I didn't want to tell them I was sick, because no one likes sick people....and I was scared they would say something about me losing so much weight in one week, so I quickly chugged a litre of water right before I went in to get weighed, lol. I still tipped the scales at 168.8, which is down 6lbs from the week before. I told him I just tried really hard so I would win. And win I did. They are having a little awards ceremony, which I think is lame, just give me my money already! But I will be contacted in about 2 weeks with a date of when the ceremony will be....Five hundred smackaroos! I already have that money spent in my head, all the cute little outfits I am going to buy and purses and shoes! Ahhh, I'm so excited!

So my total for the past 12 week is.......41lbs, on the dot! They measured me as well, and I don't have them right in front of me, because it's midnight and I'm in bed, but I know the inches lost is quite something. I know I lost 8 inches just off my hips. In 12 weeks, seriously! It is so amazing to me the differences I see in these past 12 short weeks. I feel like such a new person, inside and out! I dream of going for hikes with the family and swimming, and water slides! Stuff I used to dread and avoid at all costs! I would worry friends would invite us to the beach and have excuses ready why we couldn't go. Now, it's like pick us, pick us! I will try anything! I am no longer embarrassed of my weight. I weighed 164.2 this morning. I could scream that number from the roof top, I am so proud of it! I'm sure I sound like a real butthead right now, but when people congratulate me, or tell me how good I look, I kind of down play it and just say thanks, or say I've lost a bit of weight....but here can I just said that I am so proud of myself and I'm starting to love the way I look!

Now back to business, I haven't worked out since Saturday! That's almost a whole week! Now that the sickness is gone, it's time to get back at 'er. And even though I weighed 164 this morning, I'm sure most of those pounds will come back momentarily until I can actually work it off, and not lose it by being sick.

Oh, before I leave, I am officially registered the a 10k race. January 17th, is the Chilly Chase and I shall run it! That's my motivation to keep running through the holidays! What's keeping you from over indulging in Christmas baking and skipping out on some workouts?? We can be the few that loses weight at Christmas instead of gains!

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  1. AHHHH!!!! Congrats Laura! So stinkin' awesome! You are so right to feel proud. So very right. That is such an accomplishment, really. Wow. Keep doing amazing. My jaw is just gaping open.