Friday, December 18, 2009

Sick, again!

Last night my throat started hurting again, and by this morning it was excruciating. So I saw the doctor first thing this morning, and was given another antibiotic. Hopefully it works this time! Tomorrow morning we leave for Sun Peaks. We are going with the big in-law family, not my idea of a good time......I am bringing a few healthy foods for myself (skim milk, veggies...etc.) They are supplying all the food, and that worries me. Hopefully I don't offend them by bringing some food myself. I hope to be one of those peoples that loses weight during the holidays instead of gaining!

I have a 10k race January 17th...coming up quick! And just today I registered for another 10k February 22nd. I'm excited!!!

Have a good weekend, and hopefully we can all make wise food decisions and get some exercise in!

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