Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday was weigh in day at the gym. But apparently I can no longer weigh in there. They have decided to close the challenge to members only. So I don't have that to keep my accountable anymore. I think they were just scared I was going to win again, also, it's not very good advertising for them that someone that doesn't belong to their gym won the first challenge. I did get my $5oo from them though. Plus a big medal, that Reegan enjoys wearing, he is currently napping with it in his bed, (I did check on him to make sure he didn't fall alseep with it around his neck)

I will continue to weigh myself at home, and every wednesday I will record that weight. My mom challenged me to see who could lose 10lbs far I'm winning :) I went Christmas shopping at Old Navy today, and man do they have some good sales right now! Just for kicks I tried on a pair of jeans, because mine are getting baggy. And yippee, a size 10 fit! It was just a few months ago I was wearing a size 18 pants! I didn't buy the jeans, because I don't have the money (saving the $500 for some down south outlet shopping) but now I know, I am a size 10! I can actually go to Lululemon now and buy more than just headbands!! Too bad it's so expensive!

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