Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bad, Bad Girl!

I am referring to myself! I haven't blogged in a long time, and I'm hating that! For the first time throughout the last 6 months, I missed recording my weigh in! Rest assured, I haven't gained any weigh, phewf! As of this morning I was 159lbs.

Random thought as of late: September 9th was the very first day I went for a run. Ahh I remember that day very well.

Warm-up: Walk slow & easy 5 minutes
Run 1 minute. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 8 times.
Cool-down: Walk slow & easy 5 minutes
That was my run on the very day. A measly 34 minutes. It was the hardest 34 minutes ever! But also probably the most important 34 minutes of my life so far. I remember it being so hard to run 1 minute, and even the walking was making me out of breath. I was so darned determined though! I remember running through excruciating shin splints, thinking for sure my legs were breaking with every step. Running on the treadmill with only 5 minutes left listening to Gaby screaming through the monitor, wanting to stop so bad and go hug and kiss her, but knowing she would be ok for 5 minutes!! (she would wake up early from her nap, and cry for me, I wouldn't leave her in there for hours at a time). I remember doing my Billy Blanks DVD at 10pm in the living room while Randy watched eating buttered popcorn.

Looking back, I can't believe all the obstacles I've overcome. I can't believe I actually got my butt off the couch and did it. I DID IT!! When I used hear people say "If I can do it, anyone can do it" and I would roll my eyes! But honestly, If I can do it, anyone CAN!

Ok, so I know I sound like I'm done, but I know I'm not. I still have a bit of weight to lose technically, I was just feeling good about myself, and kinda felt like tooting my own horn. I am running my 3rd 10k run in one week, and it just reminds me of how far I've come in 6 very short months.

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  1. Toot that horn, loud and clear! You deserve to!
    6 months? Really? Man, time does fly. You've done a great job Laura:) And you will keep doing great, I just know it.