Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm ok to run, I promise!

Now that my pregnancy is public knowledge, everyone seems to have an opinion! And that's fine, but if it's something negative, keep it to yourself! I have run in three 10k races since being pregnant. I like it, I'm good at it, and I feel fine while doing it! Plus, my doctor said it's ok to do, and even good for me to keep it up! I just registered myself for another run next month. April 11th I'll be running another 10k. Obviously I'll continue training at home, running 3-4x a week and just staying active all the time. Trust me, I would never ever ever do anything to jeopardize this pregnancy, it is such a blessing, and I do not take it for granted! I do know my limits, and my time with these races will probably get slower each time, but I'm ok with that. This past race my time was 1:06:57, maybe next month it will be over an hour then, as long as I can finish the run I'm happy!
Here I am 3 weeks ago, at 12 weeks pregnant!

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  1. Good for you Laura! I wish I would have been that healthy during my pregnancies!!! =)