Monday, January 4, 2010 'bout mind your own business?

When I started this whole new 'healthy living' dieting thing, I kept it a secret from most people. I didn't think it was their business and I was a little embarrassed. I thought by telling people, Iwas admitting to myself, and others that I had a weight problem. Obviously as the weight started coming off it became obvious to people that I was doing something differant. I must admit, I liked not having everyone know. Especially through the holidays where everything was revolved around food. I think people feel they have the right to comment on what I am eating. I swear some people watch me eat, waiting for me to screw up. And boy did I screw up during the holidays. Last night at my in-laws house, my father in law, felt the need to comment about what was on my plate. Saying certain things were going to wreck my diet, and that I shouldn't eat the potatoes. Yesterday Reegan had a donut, and I asked him for a bite. Some women near by pipes up, that I'm not allowed donuts, and that I shouldn't eat it.

Mabye I'm just misserable because my lady friend should be visiting soon, but that kind of stuff really annoys me. Nobody commented on my eating habits when I was overweight, so why do they now? Is anybody else dealing with this problem?

I hate to admit it, but I'm happy the holidays are over! Now I can get back into the swing of things. I'm like a little kid, I need my routine. Plus, I am running a 10 in 13 days and I'm not feeling prepared, eeeks!

oh, one last thing, my mother in law bought me some sweet running gloves for Christmas, they are from lululemon and are really comfy and cute! YAY!


  1. Sorry you are getting comments. I have noticed them as well, people always ask what is on my "diet." I hate that word I want to scream I am not dieting I am eating less, moving more, and chosing better foods, I will do it till the day I die!

    Good luck with your 10k I can not wait to hear how you did. I am on week 5 of the 10k training program you sent me, after that comes the half marathon training...

  2. I think people butting their nose in your "diet" is almost people's acknowledgment of realizing how great you are doing and they are commenting on your food because they feel like they want to be part of your success. Does that make sense? Even though, obviously, you don't need any advice.
    It's funny: in a way, they are trying to help, but are being somewhat counter-productive. Stay confident in your choices! You always know best.
    And you did lose weight over the holidays! Goal accomplished.
    And I love the picture of the kids... such cute matching jammies!