Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jari Love

This is my newest workout. It's totally differant from anything I've ever done! It left me fairly sore the next day (which is good) and it was pretty fun too! It claims you can burn up to 1000 calories per workout, which is about an hour. I don't think I burn that many, because that would be impressive. I had to buy a step to do the exersises, and I probably look like a fool jumping around on it!

I have been plugging along, trying not too eat too much, and I made a big batch of stir fry again. Also I've been making my shakes for breakfast again, yum yum!

This weekend I went to shopping with some Christmas money I had, and I bought a pair of jeans and a dress. I NEVER buy dresses, so this was quite somethin! I literally tried on 13 pairs of jeans. Every pair fit, I just wanted to get the nicest ones. Randy was getting pretty irritated by the end! Back in October when we had Gaby dedicated I borrowed my neighbors dress. It was a size 16, and it fit perfectly, that was after losing a bunch of weight and feeling pretty good. Well the dress I bought on Sunday it a size 10, and it also fits perfectly. I don't know when I'll ever ever wear it, but I have it hanging in the closet, and I've tried it on twice already. Next time I put it on I'll take a picture and show you all!

If you noticed my latest weigh in, it wasn't too pretty. However, the day before that I was 159, and the day after I was 159 as well, so I guess I was just having a crappy morning that specific day. Tomorrow will be weigh in day again, so it should be down!

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  1. Don't you worry about the little hiccup's along the way! Geez! Cut yourself some slack. And I want to see you in that dress! Bet it looks awesome:)